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Electricity Export in Ukraine



The possibility of electricity export from Ukraine

Currently, United Energy System (UES of Ukraine works synchronously (in parallel) with United Energy Systems (UES), Russian Federation and with the Moldovan energy system.

In addition, the dedicated part of the UES of Ukraine, so-called as "Burshtyn Island" (supply of electricity from tires allocated for this purpose units of three blocks TPPs - Burshtynska, Dobrotvorska and Ladizhynska), which operates in parallel with the combined energy systems of Western, Central and Eastern Europe - UCTE (Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity) - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania.

Due to the technological flows balance between Ukraine-Russia and Ukraine-Belarus (heritage of the USSR's power system), the electricity supply is carrying on dead-end lines in a small amounts from the side of UES of Ukraine to the border Belarus and Russian consumers and at the same time with the electricity supply to consumers border of Ukraine from the side of energy systems of Russia and Belarus.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by the Law #164-vi from 19.03.2009 amended the Law of Ukraine «About the Electricity», which defined the features of electricity exports in Ukraine.

Thus, for the purpose of export, energy suppliers purchase the necessary volume of electricity at the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine at the wholesale market price.

Access to the throughput capacity of the interstate electricity networks of Ukraine for the electricity exports is provided based on auction conditions.

The auction for a term of no more than one year is carried out by NEC "UKRENERGO", which ensures the electricity transmission by interstate electricity networks of Ukraine. The auction is held at least once a month based on the availability of free capacity of the interstate electricity networks of Ukraine. The order of the auction is approved by the NERC.

To take part in the auction can electricity power companies, which have an operating license for the independent electricity supply, are members of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine and do not have overdue debts for electricity purchased on the wholesale market.

The winner of the auction is determined by the party of the electricity industry, which has offered the highest price.

If the auction winner within two calendar months in a row uses the resulting auction capacity interstate power networks in Ukraine is less than 70 per cent on average per month, this capacity is auctioned again.


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Requirements for the electricity exporters in Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian legislation, the electricity exporters have to meet the following formal requirements:

  1. Being a resident of Ukraine.
  2. Hold a license-quota of at least an annual volume of electricity exports.
  3. To have a contract for the purchase of the required amount of electricity at the State Enterprise "Energorynok" (SEE).
  4. To have a contract for the access to the throughput of interstate electricity networks with the NEC "Ukrenergo", based on the results of the victory in an open auction.
  5. To have a contract with a foreign buyer of electricity.
  6. Being a registered participant (member) of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine.
  7. There are no overdue obligations for the electricity in Ukraine and before the budget of Ukraine.
  8. Redeem at least 70% of the declared electricity capacity with daily and monthly control over the consumption schedule.
  9. To have sufficient financial resources on the accounts to secure advance payments under contracts with SE "Energorynok" and NEC "Ukrenergo".

The Energy Company "Ukrenergoexport" meets the above listed requirements and offers the electricity export according to the given scheme.


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Legislation in Ukraine and regulations acts governing the export of electricity

Electricity export in Ukraine is regulated by the following regulations.

  1. NERC Decree №36 from August 12, 1996 «About the Approval of Terms and Conditions for the Business Activities for the Electricity Supply at the Unregulated Tariff».
  2. NERC. "Agreement between members of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine from November 15, 1996".
  3. Law of Ukraine #575/97-ВР  from October 16, 1997 "About the Electricity".
  4. NERC Decree #1207 from October 22, 2009 "About the Procedure Approval for Auctions Conducting Regarding the Access to the throughput of Interstate Electricity Networks of Ukraine for the Electricity Export".
  5. Order of NEC "Ukrenergo" #448 from November 20, 2009  "Regulation about the Auction Commission for the Organization and Holding of Auctions regarding the Access to the throughput of Interstate Electricity Networks of Ukraine for the Electricity Export".


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