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Electricity supply from EC "Ukrenergoexport"

Services from EC "Ukrenergoexport" - it is a stability, reliability and economic efficiency proved by years.

EC "Ukrenergoexport" provides electricity supply under the terms of a public Agreement about the electricity energy supply and commercial proposals:

    Commerсial proposal #1. "The best price"

    Commercial proposal #2. "Clean energy"

    Commercial proposal #3. "Balanced Price"

    Commercial  proposal #4. "Individual"

For the detailed information about Commercial Proposals, Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, special requirements from the consumer, please contact us by phone: +38 095 602 95 95 or by email:

Commercial proposals are valid for consumers throughout Ukraine exept regions located on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The procudure of Agreement signing is regulated by the "Rules of the Retail Electricity Market", approved by NERC from 14.03.2018 №312.

For the agreement signing about the electricity supply - the consumer is required to:

1. Complete Application for the agreement signing about the electricity supply to the consumer
2. Sign:
      Agreement about the electricity supply to the consumer
      Appendix №1 to the Agreement «List of consumer's electrical installations (objects)»
      Appendix №2 to the Agreement «Volumes of the electricity consumption by the consumer's objects»
3. Notarize the document copy which confirms the authority of the person to sign the Agreement (extract from the Statute, protocol of the meeting about the company head appointment etc.)
4. Send documents package to the EC «Ukrenergoexport» by e-mail and send hard copies of original documents by one of methods below:
    а]. by Electronic Sharing Services: Вчасн@ I I PAPERLESS I СОТА
    б]. by Ukrposhta: 04213, Kyiv, av. Heroiv Stalingradu 47а, office 111
    в]. by Nova Poshta: Kyiv, branch №77, phone of the correspondence receiver is +38(050)407-02-13
Experts of the EC "Ukrenergoexport" will coordinate Consumer's further actions for the Agreement signing process between Operator of the distribution system (oblenergos) and active Supplier, and, if necessary, will help to prepare projects of relevant appeals on behalf of the Consumer etc.



Electricity Supply in Ukraine till 01.07.2019

Electricity Suppliers in Ukraine

According to the current legislation in the energy sector, there are three groups of Electricity Suppliers in Ukraine:

1. Supplier of common services at a regulated tariff (SCS) - they are mainly related to the regional energy distributors (oblenergos, or distribution system operators) and structural units of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" in some regions of Ukraine, which are operating under a fixed (regulated) State tariff for electricity supply. The consumer for such kind of the Supplier can be only an individual, a small no household consumer or another consumer equated to this category by law.

Схема поставки електроенергії постачальником універсальної послуги за регульованим тарифом

2. Supplier of the last resort (SLR) - these are economic entities that in certain circumstances has no right to refuse a consumer in the Agreement signing for the supply of electricity for a limited period of time - up to 90 calendar days.

SLR has no right to refuse a consumer in the Agreement signing for the supply of electricity in case of:

1) bankruptcy, liquidation of the previous electricity Supplier;

2) the license termination, the license termination or cancellation for the supply of electricity to the customers of the previous electricity Supplier;
3) non-completion or improper performing of the market rules by the electricity Supplier, "day ahead" and internal market rules, which made it impossible to supply electricity to consumers;
4) non-selection of the electricity Supplier by the consumer, in particular after the contract termination with the previous electricity Supplier;
5) in other cases under the rules of the retail market.

LHS sells electricity to their customers based on the tariff which is approved by NERC and usually exceeds the market price by 25%.

A consumer of SLR can be any legal entity.

Схема поставки електроенергії за не регульованим тарифом

3. Suppliers of Electricity at unregulated tariff to Consumers (SUT) - These are economic entities which have a right to supply electricity to consumers at an unregulated (free) tariff. Cooperating with such kind of Suppliers allows the consumer to get a lower price for the electricity compared with a fixed price of SCS or SLRs because of the forced value reduction of own profit of SUT in conditions of the competition on the non-monopolized market of SUT. A consumer of SUT can be any legal entity.
Схема поставки електроенергії постачальником за нерегульованим тарифом

The Energy Company «Ukrenergoexport» is related to the third kind of the electricity Suppliers namely the electricity Supplier at an unregulated tariff to consumers and satisfies all formal requirements of the Ukrainian legislation to this type of activity:

  1. is a Liсensee of NERC what allows to sell electricity to any consumers throughout of Ukraine and electricity export outside of Ukraine to any foreign consumers.
  2. Is a member of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine (WEM).
  3. Has a contract for the electricity selling from SE "Energorynok" (operator of the Wholesale Electricity Market), based on which buys the required amount of electricity in the WEM, transmits electricity to borders of any operator of distribution systems (oblenergos) for the further delivery to end users.
  4. Has contracts for the electricity transportation with Regional Operators of distribution system (oblenergos) – monopoly owners of electricity distribution networks in regions based on which they transport electricity for supply to the electricity networks of the end-user. 

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Assessment of the Economic feasibility for the electricity purchase at an unregulated (free) tariff

Опитувальний листFor the assessment of the economic effect from the electricity purchaising at an unregulated (free) tariff in the Energy Company «Ukrenergoexport», you have to send us completed Questionnaire.









In addition, for more accurate technical and economic calculation it is desirable together with the questionnarie to submit an actual data on hourly electricity consumption for any given calendar month in accordance with the provided template:

 згідноінформація про погодинне споживання електроенергії :  











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Requirements to consumers for the electricity purchase at an unregulated (free) tariff

Electricity consumers which are considering the possibility to work with SUT have to meet the following main criteria:

  1. An actual availability of the existing Agreement for the electricity distribution with the ODS (operator of the distribution system) to/from networks consumer's objects are connected.
  2. Absence of the fact that ODS terminated the electricity distribution to the consumer's objects.
  3. The availability of a live commercially-registered record of electricity which is installed at the customer's objects and ensures SUT with the implementing possibility of a commercial proposal.


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The transition procedure for consumer from the Supplier at a regulated tariff to the Energy Company "Ukrenergoexport"

The consumer who meets the main criteria and decided to move to the EC «Ukrenergoexport» for the electricity purchasing at an unregulated (free) tariff have to complete the following steps: 

  1. To sign an Agreement for the electricity supply with the Energy Company «Ukrenergoexport».
  2. To comply with the norms of claus 6.1 "Rules of the retail electricity market regarding the change of the electricity Supplier", it's required to send a notification letter to the active electricity Supplier about the necessity of the Agreement termination for the electricity supply at least 21 days prior to the month beginning of electricity delivery by EC «Ukrenergoexport».

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Legislation of Ukraine and normative acts for the activities regulation of the Supplier at an unregulated tariff

The operating activity of independent electricity Suppier is regulated by the following regulatory documents in Ukraine

  1. Law of Ukraine «About the Electricity Market».
  2. NERC Decree #1469 from 27.12.2017 «About the approval of Licensing conditions of business activities conducting for the electricity supply to the consumer».
  3. NERC Decree #312 from 14.03.2018 «About the rules approval of the Retail Electricty Market».
  4. NERC Decree #307 from 14.03.2018 «About the Market Rules approval».
  5. NERC Decree #311 from 14.03.2018 «About the Code Approval of the Electricity Commercial Accounting».
  6. NERC Decree #310 from 14.03.2018 «About the Code Approval of the Distribution Systems».
  7. NERC Decree #309 from 14.03.2018 «About the Code Approval of the Transfer System».
  8. NERC Decree 2118 from 28.12.2018 «About the Approval of the Temporary Procedure regarding the Volume Determination for the Electricity Purchasing on the Wholesale Electricity Market by Electricity Suppliers and Operators for the Transition Period till the Start date of a New Electricity Market Operating Activities Beginning».
  9. NERC Decree from 15.11.1996 «the Agreement Between Members of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine».


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Electricity Supply in Ukraine till 01.01.2019 (is the history already)...