Energy consulting

Energetics by its nature is a complex and rather conservative branch of the world economy. Moreover there is not very easy situation in Ukraine where it is difficult to understand things even for experienced professionals in the cobwebs of normative and permissive "around close to energy" documentation. In recent years, there are a lot of talks about alternative energy, are being promoted new approaches regarding the energy supply to consumers, are adopted many new laws and regulations that control relations in the traditional and alternative energetics industries. As a result of this, probably of the objective process, for the successful realization of the alternative energy project in a given period of time, as the saying goes "... without consulting is not clear ...".

Енергетичний консалтинг

Energy Company "Ukrenergoexport" has a REAL, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE for the traditional and alternative energy projects support: obtaining licenses for the electricity generation, a model developing and a "green tariff" receiving, signing Agreements with WEM, registering AMR and many others things.

If you decided to implement the project for the electricity power generation using alternative sources and you would like to sell the produced electricity at the "green" tariff, so, among a lot of other things you have to go through the following procedures, which are not always obvious, specifically: