Obtaining licenses for the electricity production

"Green Tariff" is a special tariff for the electricity purchasing which were produced at power plants with alternative or renewable energy sources. The main goal of the "green" energy support by many countires in the world  - is to minimize the harm whis is inflicted on Earth by people as a result of the renewable energy replacement by traditional production processes associated with the chydrocarbons burning, using of the nuclear energy etc. Progressive humanity dreams to save a wonderful world where we live and make everything possible for it.

Зелений тариф

In autumn 2009 there were made real steps for the support of alternative electricity generation in Ukraine, when Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Laws "About Electric Power" and "About Alternative Energy Sources" due to which the renewable electricity should be purchased by State at higher "green" rate. It allows to reduce the payback period of alternative generation projects and thus increases the attractiveness of such projects for investors.

Under the current legislation, economic entities have a right to use "green" tariffs after the license receiving for the electricity production and usuing alternative energy sources such as: sun, wind, water, geothermal energy, energy waves,  flow energy, biomass, gas from organic waste in accordance with established procedure.

The procedure of the license issuing for the electricity production in Ukraine is determined by the NERC Resolution №309 from 22.03.2017National Commission of Energy Regulation of Ukraine issues a license. For the license obtaining you have to provide the following documents:

  • Company Certificate.
  • Explanatory letter about the generating station.
  • Electrical connections scheme of the generating station with the power grids of the power distribution company with indicating the boundaries of the balance differentiation and accounting units.
  • Сertificate of conformity issued by State Architectural Construction Inspection, which confirms the generating station commissioning.
  • Agreement for the purchase  (shipment, rent etc) of the generating equipment.
  • Acceptance Act of the generating equipment.
  • Inventory card about the inclusion of the generating equipment to the fixed assets list.
  • Certificate of the company state registration.
  • Company Statute.
  • The company balance (form 1 and 2) for the last reporting quarter.
  • A copy of the publication announcement about the intention to obtain a license.
  • Receipt about the payment for the license.
  • Application for the license issuing in the established form.

The license in the established form will be issued within one calendar month from the moment of the documents package correct submission to NERC  and in case of comments absence. From this moment, it is necessary to prepare documents for joining to members of the Wholesale Electricity Market and obtaining a "green tariff", according to which the WEM on behalf of the state is obliged to redeem electricity received from alternative sources.