Obtaining a "green tariff". Process support

According to the current legislation, Wholesale Electricity Market in Ukraine is obliged to buy at the "green tariff" all electricity which was generated with using of alternative energy sources and was not sold under contractual prices directly to consumers or energy supply companies which realized electricity supply at a regulated tariff.

The National Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) is approving the "Green Tariff" in Ukraine in accordance with a special Order introduced by the Decree of the NERC №32 from January 22, 2009.

Зелений тариф

To receive the "green tariff" it's required to prepare and submit to the NERC the following documents:

 • Certificate of conformity issued by State Architectural Construction Inspection which confirms an object commissioning.
 • Agreement (shipment, delivery, rent etc) of the generating equipment.
 • Acceptance Act for the generating equipment from producer (Supplier).
 • List of owned stations.
 • Cost calculation for the electricity production.
 • Justification of articles and elements of the net price for the electricity production.
 •  Explanatory letter to the working project of the facility construction.
 • Technical specifications for the object connection to the energy grid of Ukraine.
 • Documentation for the estimation cost of the object construction.
 • A certificate and supporting documents that the proportion of raw materials, fixed assets, works and services of Ukrainian origin are not less than:
   15% - from 01.01.2012,
   30% - from 01.01.2013,
   50% - from 01.01.2014.
 • Statement of the established sample about the "green" tariff approval.

The specialized  departments of the National Energy Regulatory Commission attentively analyze the submitted documents, review the submitted cost structure and make their expert conclusions. There are passing a several iterative exchanges of documents prior to conclusion of the decision. This process can take quite a long time and it is not always can be ended with a positive decision for the requesting party.