Legal support

Energy Company «Ukrenergoexport» works, specializes and provides a legal support in the areas of traditional and alternative electricity.

Along with the main types of activities, EC «Ukrenergoexport» the  provides legal support during the period of formation and relations regulation between participants of the wholesale electricity market and also between electricity power transmission companies, electricity suppliers, users and customers of their services.

EC «Ukrenergoexport» will help to solve various non-standard problems related to the legal aspects and consequences of a «legal casuistic» in Agreements of the wholesale electricity market, electricity transmission and supply, connection to the electricity networks of licensees (natural monopolists), correctness of tariffs usage, penalties charging, payment for the reactive energy and many other services...

  • providing of the legal support at the stage of the Agreement signing for the supply, purchase and sale of the electricity, for the connection to the electricity networks, including execution of the legal expertise for projects of the relevant agreements and preparation of the comments (proposals) to them in the order established by the legislation;
  • providing of the legal assistance in the implementation of Agreement obligations in the field of energy, particularly: the correct tariffs usage, penalties calculation, payments for the consumed energy, execution of connection conditions (access ensuring) etc ;
  • organization and introduction of bid-claim services including preparation of the procedural documents (claims, lawsuits, references, objections, petitions etc.) and submission them to the Court in the order established by law;
  • providing written consultations, legal conclusions, references about usage requirements of the current legislation in the field of energy;
  • preparing of appeals (inquiries, applications, complaints) to business entities which carry out activities in the field of energy and also to authorized state authorities regarding the usage requirements of the current legislation and for the purpose of pre-trial settlement of disputes between monopolists and consumers (users);
  • representation of interests of engaged persons in relations with the authorized state authorities in the field of energy;
  • providing the legal advice (consultations) on obtaining licenses and permissions which are required for the economic activities in the field of energy.