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Курсы валют Национального Банка Украины


04213, Ukraine, Kyiv
prospect Geroiv Stalingradu,
building 47-А, office 111

telephone: +38 (044) 489 94 59
                  +38 (095) 602 95 95

Energy Sector of Ukraine


Energy sector of Ukraine - a unique industry, on its shoulders rests the whole life of the country.  Working enterprises produced oil and gas, heat and light in schools and kindergartens, and in the windows of the houses is a light.

In Ukraine, concurrently with the development of the wholesale electricity market created a system of state regulation of electric power through the mechanisms of licensing, regulation of natural monopolies, control rates and processes of pricing in the wholesale and retail markets of electrical energy.

Currently, the wholesale electricity market in Ukraine is implemented model of the "single buyer", enshrined in legislation and providing for the existence of a wholesale distributor that is obligated to buy and sell electricity within the wholesale market based on bilateral contracts - sales to other market participants.

These subjects include, among others, generating companies and energy utilities that deliver electricity directly to consumers at regulated tariffs NERC, and independent suppliers, the tariffs for electricity supply that are not regulated by the state.

Energy Company «Ukrenergoeхport» is a member of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine and is under license from NERC № АВ507762 from 15.04.2010 shall supply electricity at open(unregulated) tariffs throughout Ukraine and in foreign countries, related to the energy system of Ukraine cross-border transmission lines for which the export of electricity.  


Комерційні пропозиції з постачання електроенергії

Послуги ЕК «Укренергоекспорт» – це стабільність, надійність та економічна ефективність доведена роками.
ЕК «Укренергоекспорт» здійснює постачання електроенергії на умовах публічного Договору про постачання електричної енергії та комерційних пропозицій:

    Комерційна пропозиція №1. "Найкраща ціна"
    Комерційна пропозиція №2. "Чиста енергія"
    Комерційна пропозиція №3. "Збалансована ціна"
    Комерційна пропозиція №4. "Індивідуальна"