UkrEnergoExport's Services

Services from EC «Ukrenergoexport» - it is a stability, reliability and economic efficiency proved by years.

EC «Ukrenergoexport» is engaged in economic activity in the following areas:


Consulting. Energy Company "Ukrenergoexport" has a REAL, PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE for the traditional and alternative energy projects support: obtaining licenses for the electricity generation, a model developing and a "green tariff" receiving, signing Agreements with WEM, registering AMR and many others things.

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Electricity Supply. EC "Ukrenergoexport" provides electricity supply under the terms of a public Agreement about the electricity energy supply and commercial proposals:

   Commerсial proposal №1. "The best price"
   Commercial proposal №2. "Clean energy"
   Commercial proposal №3. "Balanced Price"
   Commercial proposal №4. "Individual"

For the detailed information about Commercial Proposals, Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, special requirements from the consumer, please contact us by phone:+38 095 602 95 95 or by email:

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Natural gas Supply. Опитувальний листFor the assessment of the economic feasibility from the natural gas purchase in the ЕС «Ukrenergoexport», you have to send us completed questionnaire.
When a decision is made to switch to a new supplier, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the agreement for the natural gas supply should be signed in the expected amount of natural gas consumption required by the consumer or at its separate point of commercial accounting which has been assigned a separate EIC code and also for the term aliquoted to the billing period (gas month) as was determined in the agreement for the natural gas supply.

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Electricity Export is possible. In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the exporters of electricity must meet the following formal requirements:

  1. Being a resident of Ukraine.
  2. Possess a license-quota of not less than the annual volume of electricity exports.
  3. Having a contract to purchase the required amount of electricity from the State Enterprise «Energorynok» (SEE).
  4. Have a contract for access to the bandwidth of interstate electric grid with NEC «Ukrenergo»», the results of victory in an open auction.
  5. Having a contract with a foreign buyer of electricity.
  6. Being a registered member (member) wholesale electricity market of Ukraine.
  7. Do not have overdue obligations for electric power in Ukraine and to the budget of Ukraine.
  8. Redeem at least 70% of the declared capacity of electric power with daily and monthly consumption of the boundary control.
  9. Have the accounts of financial resources in sufficient quantities to provide advance payments on contracts with SE «Energorynok» and NEC «Ukrenergo».

Energy Company «Ukrenergoeхport» corresponds to the above requirements and offers export of electricity to the format.

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