Energy Sector of Ukraine

Energy sector of Ukraine is an unique industry. The whole life of the country depends on it. Enterprises operate, oil and gas is produced, it is warm in schools and kindergartens and you can see a light in windows of houses.

Together with the development of the wholesale electricity market there was created a system of electric power state regulation through the mechanisms of licensing, activities regulating of natural monopolists, rates control and pricing processes on the wholesale and retail electricity markets.

Currently, the “single buyer” model has been implemented on the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine, which is enshrined on the legislative level  and ensures the existence of a wholesale supplier till 01.07.2019 who is obliged to buy and sell electric energy within the wholesale market on the basis of bilateral sales contracts with other market entities.

These entities include, in particular, electricity producers and energy supplying companies, which supply electricity directly to consumers at a tariff regulated by NERC, and independent suppliers, for whom electricity supply tariffs are not regulated by the state.

Energy Company «Ukrenergoeхport» is a member of the wholesale electricity market of Ukraine based on the license from NERC №1092 from 25.09.2018 an supplies electricity at open (unregulated) tariffs throughout Ukraine and to foreign countries connected to the Ukrainian cross-border power transmission lines for the electricity export.